Average, nondescript, typical, bland, just the guy next door, can’t really remember anything about him, kinda normal.


Doppelganger Has no idea who he is. There is some kind of past trauma involving the loss of his family. Complete amnesia to anything dealing with his past, including his name. Although he gets flashbacks sometimes that hint to his family and what happened, he has never been able to hold onto it, make sense of it, or put it all together and remember. The trauma was fairly recent. He does not know how he started this life, but it feels like he’s been doing it all his life.

It is possible he used to be a secret agent when an assignment was completely blown. They could have found out his true identity and destroyed his family while he watched and tortured his mind. Whoever “They” are. It is likely that he was able to escape and by instinct, went completely dark. None of this is verifiable.

He is an infiltrator, becoming anyone he wants to be, through a vast array of knowledge and skill. He can take over anyone’s life like it’s his own. He doesn’t know who he really is, so he explores being other people, hoping to eventually stumble upon the real him. Almost like unlimited multiple personalities, but being completely aware of all of them. He knows there is something to want revenge for, but not who or why.


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