Jogging in the Shade

A Walk in the Park

The job seemed simple. Provide security for a meeting of Fixers in a public park for one hour. What could be easier? There were only a few obstacles. The park was crowded with civilians looking for a pleasant place to have a lunch break. Next to the park was a convention of security providers hawking their wears and displaying the newest in surveillance techniques. Cranky Fixers tried to crash the meeting, Halloweeners tried to barbecue park-goers, drunken magical hobos disrupting surveillance, and cybernetic beagles using disguises as play toys. And lastly, a plot to blow up the meeting via a modified gardening robot packed with explosives. That last one was easily solved by the practical application of the accident power by a spirit. Easily solved, if not quite in the way the controlling magician anticipated.
Once the smoke cleared, and the tally of broken, bleeding bodies was taken, you managed to depart your mission with the full paycheck given by a generous, if bewildered and shaken employer. Quite an auspicious start to a running career. Your team started their time together with a bang.



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