Jogging in the Shade

Another Foray into the Underground

It’s 0630 (that’s in the AM!) when Night’s comlink rings. It’s Trogdor again. “Biz is picking up in the Underground.” he opens. “Must be Proposition 23 stirring things up. I figured Antonio was busy wrapping up biz with Bull, so I thought I’d call you to see if you were interested in some more business with that clan of a crew you’re running with now. This is another short-fuse run that needs attention. You have a Ms. Johnson to meet in an hour at the Goblin Market. Best bet is to use the Lordstrung’s entrance. The Johnson is an important person in the Underground and might be a good contact to have in the future. The expectation is that you begin the mission right away, so come ready to work. I don’t know all the details, of course, but it’s supposed to be a simple courier job in the local area that shouldn’t take the whole day. You need to check in at the Beans Outta Bulldog cafe. Good luck.”

Time to get to work.



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