Jogging in the Shade

Copycat Killer

Detective “Tosh” Athack surveyed the scene at the abandoned car dealership in the Redmond Barrens. KE drones hovered around with spotlights looking for evidence and possibly more hidden Humanis goons for the KE SWAT to dispatch. He walked to where the wounded and dead were gathered by the medics to receive a report from the on scene SWAT commander.
Tosh was not a happy troll.
His day started very early with a call on another murder in an apparent string of copycat murders by the Mayan Cutter. This had not amused him as he had been present when his team killed the real Mayan Cutter over a year ago. This morning, the victim was Rebecca MacCallister, the daughter of a local fixer Tosh knew. William MacCallister was quite distraught in his own way. It was predictable Bull wouldn’t sit this one out, and hired a team of shadowrunners to find his daughter’s murderer. Tosh remembered meeting with them. They seemed competent for a bunch of hoods. They had investigated the scene at Rebecca’s residence in the Ork Underground, and even found a clue KE investigators had missed. He arranged a meeting with the coroner for them to help them further develop the case. He never thought it would amount to much.
As he passed the bodies of the blond and athletic Humanis goons who used this place as a base of operations for their deluded crusade, he reflected on the past couple of hours. DNA tests from tissue samples from Rebecca’s fingernails matched those found from a blood sample found by the runners at her house. The results hit a match for a Shawn Walker, a former UCAS Special Forces operator and known Humanis hardcase. It took a couple of hours to track down where he hung out and assemble a strike team to go into the that nasty bit in the Barrens. KE teams were planning for quite the fight given the fortress they had identified as where Walker was holed up. Upon arrival the task force was surprised at what was left in the compound.
A few goons were wandering around trying to give aid to wounded and dying comrades when KE showed up in force. The last one didn’t offer much resistance after his buddy was gunned down by overeager SWAT. Before KE arrived a firefight had erupted between the Humanis goons and an Ork Underground street gang. The gangers were significantly out gunned, but seemed to account for themselves quite well considering. One also had to concede that seemingly none of the gangers survived the assault, however.
The SWAT commander briefed Tosh through the external speaker on his helmet in clipped tactical speech. Tactical interrogation of the remaining Humanis member turned confirmed what they saw about the gangers’ attack. The Humanis team had finished mopping up the Orks when they returned to their building to find another attack had hit the back side of their compound. SWAT cleared the compound and discovered a few more bodies out back and a mage inside the compound torn up by an explosion. The attack from the southside had a higher degree of efficiency and power than the sporadic pistol and submachine gun fire at the front. The Humanis goons also mentioned that their leader, Shawn Walker, was missing from the site.
Tosh was now certain the runners were involved. He promised himself he would call Bull later to inquire if Walker’s body would ever be found. Though he appreciated the effort to rid the streets of this particular scum, he was disappointed he would never be able to wrap up this case himself in a clean manner that could result in another step towards promotion. The copycat had damaged his personal reputation as well, and Tosh regretted the opportunity to take his own pound of flesh. He would have much preferred the runners had contacted him, and he would remember that the next time their paths crossed.
The SWAT commander wrapped up his report. “We found this on one of the ork gangers who was caught up in the wall of cars. He seemed to be looking at it before he died and the comlink was on with this image being displayed. We thought it might be pertinent to your investigation considering who was in the photo.” Tosh looked at the link to see an image of one of the gangers holding Rebecca MacCallister close in a familiar embrace while they both smiled. The image had a digital signature reading “Becca” with a digital lip print imposed over the top. Tosh grunted, gave the link back to the commander. “Log it into evidence.” he said as he turned to get out of the coming drizzle.



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