Independant Security Consultant


Tall, dark-haired, and pale. Remarkably pale. Alan Torvalds has not spent much time outside. Ever. Alan claims elven lineage and insist that his grandfather on his mother’s side was of the first UGE babies. There is no documented proof of this, because, obviously, Alan’s grandfather was born before UGE was recognized as such…


Alan makes his living as an “independent security consultant”. When the rent and bills come due and then late, Alan scrambles to find work. Most of the work is on the up-and-up. Most of it.

Alan has spent a major portion of his life in the Matrix. The memories of virtual worlds and the “real” world weave together into a single unified life experience. He has on no fewer than three occasion saved elven princesses from certain doom and embarrassment; once from a Trio of Trolls claiming to be her body guards, once from a classless git claiming to be her husband, and once…


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