Jogging in the Shade

Humanitarian Aid

Initial After Action Review, John Silva, SMORC, Neah Bay Hantavirus Outbreak

I was initially assigned to the task of investigating the find of an artifact disk recovered at an early period settlement on an island off of the main Neah Bay settlement. I dispatched an archaeological team to investigate the find and see if there was more to the site. Shortly after the archaeological find, an outbreak of Hantavirus occurred in the main Neah Bay settlement. Though the vector for the outbreak was unknown, we focused on generation of an anti-viral to contain the outbreak. The same day the anti-viral was delivered, the Horizon clinic where it was stored was broken into and the serum was stolen. I resolved to recover the anti-viral as the time to regenerate the serum would result in the death of thousands. I also needed to investigate the disappearance of the archaeological team I dispatched.
I hired a local Seattle team of Shadowrunners to provide extra security and a cover for my operations in investigation. The team investigated the Horizon clinic and interviewed the medical personnel as well as numerous individuals in the town. No one saw the break-in or knew who might have accomplished the threat. The doors to the storage room were removed but with no obvious method. Nothing outside medical storage was destroyed in the clinic leading to the conclusion that the theft and destruction were targeted in that location as if the only intent was to take or destroy the anti-viral and other medicines. Additional interviews led to the last known location of my archaeological team. Looking through their rooms we discovered little but the location of their search site on the same island near the settlement where the artifact disc was first discovered.
On the island, we discovered strange people throwing rat feces and corpses into snow blowing machines that atomized the refuse and made an airborne vector for the Hantavirus. In the refuse we discovered the cases holding the anti-viral serum. While attempting to recover the serum, a firefight broke out. The people we were fighting were supernaturally resilient, violent, and strong. I also noticed that some of the individuals attacking the team were our archaeological team. They didn’t seem rational or themselves. I ran to recover the samples and I was hit from behind by something and sank into unconsciousness. When I woke up, the runners had dispatched the targets and recovered the anti-viral. Among the defeated attackers, I confirmed the bodies of the archaeological team and Dr. Austlander, the head administrator at the hospital, as well as a number of locals. We returned the serum to the clinic to be distributed to the populace. The runners disabled the snow-blowers at the site preventing the further spread of the virus. I quickly paid off the runners and got them away from the site. Attached to this report is a description of the runners I hired for further tracking and work. I also included a version of the P2.0 network in their payment for them to use and our exploitation in the future.

Case Manager’s Note: based on Spazz’s description of the people his team fought off, ghouls and vampires aren’t likely as they wouldn’t poison their food supply in such a way, and physical descriptions didn’t match. Zombies are a possibility, but there didn’t seem to be a Voudoun present to direct the followers, and the behavior wasn’t consistent with what we know of that tradition either. This could be a Shedim infestation. Although no one reported seeing the characteristic astral jellyfish constructs consistent with these spirits, the behavior certainly matches their interests to end life and possess corpses.



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