Jogging in the Shade

On the Run

Recording from a meeting of Shangri-La Entertainment (Subsidiary of Horizon) security staff 20 MAY 2073.

“So, tell me again how we lost this one.”

“Sir, we were commissioned by Mr. Tarkasian to acquire what he thought might be a lost recording of the entertainer JetBlack. Apparently Market Research Division found out about the recording through various sources. We traced the offers for the disc back to a Kerwin Loomis, the owner of a dive bar and all around professional loser. We established surveillance on the bar and placed an acquisition team to pick up the disc. Someone tipped off Loomis and we watched as he attempted to slip out the back. The team pursued him into the junkyard behind the bar to extract the recording disc from him. Our team had him subdued when they were ambushed by a shadowrunning team and were in turn subdued. The team was described as a non-descript human male, an old human hacker, a female elf, and a male human pistoleer. The fight was brief. The ambushers must have been a top-notch team. Our analysts did some homework and discovered the shadowrunners path to Loomis. Hired by an as of yet unknown employer, they were tipped off to the recording through some up and coming music star, crashed his concert to discover the identity of Loomis’ middleman, er middlewoman, dwarf…you know what I mean. After shaking up a hacker bar the decker working for Loomis gave them the location of the bar. It’s presumable that she tipped off Loomis to their arrival which is why we had to chase him down to begin with.
Once in possession of the recording, the shadowrunners staged a meet to sell the music. It seems however, that they did not attempt to sell it to their initial employer, but instead to another mysterious party. Once we found out about the meet, we hired a professional shadowrunning team to set up an ambush. They waited for the deal to take place confirming the location of the recording disc and sprung their ambush on the receiving party. Our hired assault team was cut to ribbons. The third party was populated by supernatural beings, likely at least one vampire and other magically augmented operatives. Mr. Tarkasian was very angry he did not receive the recording. We are keeping tabs on the offending shadowrunning team until such time as an opportunity presents itself for our employer to take out his anger on them. “

“So what did we learn from all this?”

“Sir, I have no idea…”



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